Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Intentions

I had them – good intentions. I was going to write every night (or so) about what we were doing on vacation, and all the wonderful things we are seeing, many for the first time. So much for good intentions.

There is just do much to see, we are packing in a lot of going and seeing. Frankly, when we finally get in, we are whipped and in the contest between blogging and sleeping, blogging comes in a distant second. Maybe soon I will catch up.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yellowstone - Again

We have been to Yellowstone National Park before, in 2000, and we had a great time. It is one of the places we said we always wanted to go back to. This year we did.

This time we had the advantage of our own personal tour guides. Elizabeth and Jessica are our nieces, Betty's sister, Peggy's, daughters. they live and work in Gardiner, Montana, a strange combination of cowboy town and international tourist destination that is in the northwestern corner of the park. For the those raised with National Geographic in the house, this is the place with the Rooseveldt Arch at the park entrance.

The girls have been all over the park, and can bring a personal knowledge and experience of a quick tour that really helps pack a lot into one day. Of course, one day is way too little. A month is not really enough time, if you are willing and want to do what the vast majority of tourists are not - get more than a hundred yards off the pavement. These are beautiful things to see from the pavement, but so much more if you can walk a little. This time, between the short time we had for this part of our trip, and Betty's knee sugery little more than three weeks ago, there wasn't a lot of chance to walk, but one day, I want to spend some time on some of the trails and see things that really take your breath away. They are out there.