Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tony Morgan and Leadership

Just back from Tony Morgan's coaching network session. I'm not sure why I am there, but the rest of the people involved are bright, intense, committed ministry leaders from all over who come to meet with Tony once a month for six months to develop ministry leadership skills.

We spoke about several things, but one that really struck a chord with me was spiritual stagnation.

The basic goal of most churches is to move people from being non-believers to being fully committed and mature Christ-followers. For this purpose, we create processes that use the power of the Holy Spirit working through people to facilitate this movement.

Many churches are doing a decent job of initially engaging people, but then they get stuck somewhere along the line that leads to spiritual maturity. It's not because the Holy Spirit lacks the power to create the change- it's because God chooses to use the church (that's us, folks) to effect this process, and the church (that's us, folks) has dropped the ball.

Argyle is typical of this. We do a great job of Sunday morning- I doubt there is a church in America any better (bigger is not better- just bigger) at making Sunday morning a terrific experience. Our problem is that we have trouble moving people from the Worship Center on Sunday morning to the point of mature Christ followers.

I will be writing about details over the next couple weeks. Comment with you thoughts.

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