Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Selfless Gene, by Charles Foster - a book review

In this book, the author tries to both explain and reconcile some of the positions of two widely separated intellectual camps- those of the Darwinian evolutionists and the Creationist/Intelligent Design positions commonly found among evangelical Christians.

It has been said that compromise is the art of simultaneously failing to satisfy and irritating both parties. Mr. Foster may have done just that with this book. Ardent Darwinists will find a definite faith in God demonstrated the author, and evangelicals will find an understanding of Scripture that seems heavily influenced by higher criticism.

Frankly, this is a book that will be a difficult read for most people. It will trouble a lot of people and infuriate some. It is not a simple overview - it is a review and a perspective for people already familiar with the subject and the literature. It likely will not change anyone's mind, but it may likely be the basis for more thought and reflection on some very difficult and important areas of thought.

I recommend this book as a generator of thought and discussion.

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