Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Noticer - a book by Andy Andrews

There are some things you encounter that seem so simple, so obvious, that there is no surprise in them. Wonder and admiration perhaps, but no surprise. A lever is simple and obvious, but when applied in the right place and at the right time, can apply tremendous force, moving the seemingly immovable.

This book is about a human lever. Jones, just Jones, seems to turn up at pivotal times and "notice" things and offer a fresh "perspective" - simple things that have been overlooked but offer hope and inspiration to people who need both. Telling the truth in love, Jones opens eyes and hearts and changes lives.

Simple is sometimes dismissed as trivial. The observations and advice Jones gives are as simple and compelling as the parables of Jesus, which are anything but trivial. But simple and compelling in concept aren't always simple in execution. Knowing what makes sense for us and then actually doing it seem to be disconnected for so many of us. But, knowing the right path is the first, indispensable ingredient.

I enjoyed this book. It can be a quick read, easy to pick up and put down, or you may prefer linger over and savor it. You likely will end up doing both.

Disclosure of material interest.

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