Friday, January 15, 2010

Out of sadness, something positive...

On Saturday, I was at a meeting with about 30 people. As the meeting ended and people were leaving one of our members was seen to fall heavily in the parking lot. Carl was obviously in distress and injured in the fall. Several people went to help him, and someone called 911.

Within minutes, Jacksonville FRD was there. Several pieces of equipment and at least 10 firefighters were working hard to help Carl. Aggressive treatment started at once, and as soon as possible, he was transported to the Shands Jacksonville emergency room, only a couple miles away from the meeting site.

I contacted Carl's wife at their home near St. Augustine, and after confirming that their son would bring her to the hospital, I went to the ER. I observed at least 10 people in an intricate dance around Carl, working hard to save his life. The fall had been caused by a heart arrhythmia, and he was not responding to resuscitation attempts. Sadly, Carl died, despite the best efforts of everyone involved.

What is positive in this? I saw first-hand the skill and dedication of the people on the front lines of rescue and medical treatment in Jacksonville. I saw dedication. I saw compassion. I saw enough to know that if I or anyone I love has a medical emergency, I can be confident in the quality of the response.

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