Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge - a review

Wild at Heart was originally published ten years ago. The author has slightly revised this anniversary edition and added some end material.

What was true ten years ago is still true today, and will be true until Jesus returns – a man needs to know his true self, and he needs to know how his true self relates to other men, to women, to the world, and to his God.

Eldredge convincingly argues that men have been denied knowing themselves at a deep spiritual level by wounds, both purposeful and accidental, in their childhood, and by a world that neither values nor understands their real nature. We are in a world at war, a war with an unseen but very real enemy, and men are born to be warriors engaged in that struggle. The problem is our world doesn't want warriors; it wants "nice men."

This book, along with others by Eldredge, is important reading for men who want to discover their true selves, and women, who want to understand true manhood and discover their own true womanhood. I suffered "the wound" myself, and for years compensated for that spiritual and injury by cutting myself off from people emotionally. Until I read this book, I was never able to articulate that pain. Wild at Heart helped complete the healing of that wound.

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